Competence and experience in the areas of: training, fire brigade and aviation

Florian Funke

Gründer und CEO

…. is a qualified aircraft builder/mechanic and business economist. During his 30-year
professional career in aviation and fire services (fire officer), he has held various positions, including head of an airport fire department, head of a training centre for airport fire brigades, international
consultant, and aircraft recovery officer. With the foundation of ARFF-SERVICES GMBH
in 2020, he realized his long-cherished dream of redesigning training for airport fire services.

Sarah Wouterse

Managing Director

…. has a degree in economics and is a Bachelor of Business. Sarah has more than 12 years of international work experience in aviation and fire services. She worked
for various training centres at home and abroad, where she was responsible for the training concepts and international sales. Through her expertise as a certified systemic coach and communication trainer, and her network in the fire industry, she is now the managing director of ARFF-SERVICES GMBH and responsible for business development and customer relations.

Annett Saupe

Finances and HR

…. is a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and has many years of experience
in the tourism and trade fair industry. Since 2010, she has been responsible for the front and back offices of internationally active companies. Through her professional experience in the areas of
human resources and accounting, as well as her experience of living abroad, she brings valuable expertise to the further development of ARFF-SERVICES GMBH. In addition, she supports management in the day-to-day operations of the business and is your first point of contact as a customer or business partner.

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