The enterprise

ARFF-SERVICES GMBH was founded in Leipzig, Germany, in 2020 under the name ARFF-Training GmbH. In the course of the company’s development, the range of services has been continuously expanded. This led to the change of name to ARFF-SERVICES GMBH in July 2021.

Despite our young company history, the ARFF-SERVICES GMBH team has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of airport fire services, aviation and training.

Our expertise helps you to achieve more safety in your company. We not only prepare you for an emergency, but also support you with our experience in the daily challenges of fire services.

The focus of our work:

Train hard

Continuous training and optimization of procedures and processes forms a ‘muscle memory’ so that emergency services can call up these procedures even under the increased stress of an emergency.

Work smart

The focus on professional competence and economic aspects, supplemented by digital support, enables sustainable and, above all, smart working methods. The generation of external sources of income also leads to a better utilization of the fire brigade and thus more profitability.

Be prepared

Practicing technique and tactics prepares rescue workers and executives for an emergency. However, a company can only be prepared holistically by adding structural and organizational optimization, for example, with regard to legal requirements.

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    ARFF-Services GmbH

    Oststraße 11
    04564 Böhlen, Germany

    Phone: +49 34206 776 90

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