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Blended learning: new challenges need new solutions – learn when and where you want

An airport fire brigade has many different tasks to perform, and these are by no means limited to emergency situations. Against this background, the question all too frequently arises: how can we find the time for training and further education? 

Our answer: through blended learning. In other words, a combination of face-to-face and online training.

In our own Online Academy, your team can access videos and lessons in various categories at any time and from any location. In turn, this content serves to prepare teams for the practical teaching units at their airport.

You can choose from the following e-learning options:

  • A lesson plan according to the general legal requirements, such as the Nfl 302/00 or ADV, and
  • An individual teaching platform with topics specially tailored to your needs.

All digital learning content concludes with a test and certification and is therefore EASA-compliant.

Your advantages:

Contents available flexibly

Access any time and from any device

Individual learning speed

Progress is saved, individual chapters can be repeated

Proven learning success

Knowledge check after each learning unit

Policy compliant

Virtual theory content correspond to EASA / ICAO specifications

Customized solutions

Customer-specific e-learnings can be created

Theory units available as e-learning:

  • Basic course in aircraft firefighting in accordance with EASA / ADV guidelines
  • Basic course in aircraft recovery in accordance with IATA / ADV guidelines
  • Aircraft firefighting for officers
  • Aircraft recovery manager
  • Aircraft firefighting instructor

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